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Seapro Watches

While Seapro is a relatively new company in the world of luxury watches, it has made a name for the brand by designing high-end utility watches. Founded in 2003, Seapro began as a luxury watch brand targeting active consumers. Located in Los Angeles, California, Seapro has carved out a significant portion of the “health and fitness” market, particularly in the United States.

When many people think of luxury watches, they imagine watch manufacturers from Switzerland that have been in existence for more than a century. However, when it comes to watchmaking, older is not necessarily better. Though Seapro does not have as much experience in the industry, it has used the collective research put into timekeeping to develop modern men’s and women’s watches for all ages. In recent years, Seapro Watches has continued to grow its product line and provide innovative timekeeping products. Today, you can find Seapro watches for sale online and in retail stores throughout the United States.

Seapro Watch Collections

More than most other brands, Seapro is dedicated to creating watches that can work in diverse environments. Whether you are scuba diving or playing recreational sports, Seapro watches are durable and versatile enough to meet your needs. That said, different Seapro collections are designed with specific consumers in mind.

As the names imply, the ScubaScuba Dragon DiverScuba 200, and Abyss are perfect for people who spend a lot of time in or near bodies of water. With helium valves, stainless steel casings, and water resistance between 500 to 2,000 meters, these watches are more than tough enough for professional divers. However, they also work well for casual swimmers or anyone looking for a watch that is safe to wear in the water.

Alternatively, the GunnerMontecillo, and Chronoscrope offer beautiful designs and high functionality. These chronographs allow consumers to use the stopwatch to measure their ascent or descent in large bodies of water, though they do not offer the same degree of water resistance as Seapro’s professional dive watches. Additionally, all three collections offer beautiful interfaces, so you do not have to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality.

If you are looking for modern, practical watches, the Thrash and Agent collections are both excellent choices. These watches come in a variety of colors, with scratch-resistant dials and stainless-steel casings to ensure that they resist fall damage. For a simpler interface, the Tideway and Black Hole collections offer similar color options, but with a less cluttered dial.

Finally, the Meridian World Timer GMT collection has a beautiful image of planet Earth as the watch dial background. However, it isn’t just a pretty face. The GMT function also makes this the perfect watch for world travelers who need to know the hour in different time zones.