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An international fashion sensation, Christian Dior barely needs an introduction. As a household name, this French luxury goods company was created in 1946 by its eponymous fashion designer founder. Delivering Haute Couture on the runways of Paris and the world beyond for decades, Dior soon began to grow exponentially, moving into the perfume sector aggressively and becoming responsible for some of the most iconic fragrances of the late 20th and 21st century.

Today, the Dior fashion empire is expansive and all-encompassing. Christian Dior brands are available as pret-a-porter, even as the fashion house calls back to its high fashion roots, and the list of celebrities that famously wear Dior fashions is long and exhaustive. Men’s and women’s accessories are one of the many categories that Christian Dior excels at, and Christian Dior sunglasses are awe-inspiring, eye-catching, and as avant-garde as they come. Dior sunglasses for men and women are never out of place and always in style, featuring classic and updated looks that will turn heads like none other.


Christian Dior Sunglasses Collections


The Christian Dior So Real line of women’s sunglasses feature geometrically shaped frames in a variety of lens and frame colors, offering 100% UV protection.

The metal pilot frames and unique split-color lenses of the Christian Dior split collection offer striking style sure to draw the eye and generate the right type of attention.

Available in both women’s and unisex styles, the Christian Dior abstract collection is iconic, square-framed sunglasses available in three striking colors.

The Christian Dior black tie collection of men’s sunglasses offer dark oval frames and a multitude of colors for a formal, high-style look you can’t get anywhere else.

The Christian Dior eclat women’s sunglasses offer a round frame with an iconic half side-shield design that combines style with substance like no other.

The round-framed Christian Dior round collection features a unique pink-and-purple geometric patterned lens design that is sure to leave an impression.

The Christian Dior Evolution women’s sunglasses collection features a round metal half-frame, leaving these shades dramatically poised as if they’re floating atop your face by some otherworldly power.

Featuring an elegant and understated cat’s-eye frame, the women’s sunglasses of the Christian Dior Diorama collection offer elegance and playfulness all in one stylish package.