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Rebel Watches

Rebel Watches (also known as Rebel Brooklyn Watches) is a relatively new player in the world of high-end timepieces. With wristwatches for both men and women, Rebel Watches identifies itself as a brand that is constantly working to be at the forefront of fashion. Thus, a Rebel watch is not just a way to tell the time; it is a way to make a statement and complement your personal sense of style.

However, the founders of Rebel Watches are not oblivious to the current market. In fact, Rebel Watches has made the difficult times of the 2010s and early 2020s a staple of its brand story. Rather than giving in to the pessimism that one encounters on a daily basis, Rebel Watches challenges consumers to adopt a more positive outlook on life. For this reason, every Rebel Watch is designed to be uplifting, energetic, and hopeful.

Additionally, many high-end watch brands adhere to minimalistic aesthetic practices. Rebel Watches does the exact opposite. Every timepiece is meant to be edgy, fun, and anything but boring. This way, you know that you are truly purchasing a unique product with Rebel Watches. Though it is still a pretty young brand, Rebel Watches has grown quickly and is now available online for shoppers and watch enthusiasts around the world.

Rebel Watch Collections

Rebel Watches features over a dozen distinct collections, with a growing catalog of unique watch designs. However, if there is one thing that keeps Rebel Watches tied to a singular aesthetic, it is the vibrancy and beauty of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States (particularly New York City). For example, the Brooklyn BridgeWeeksville, and Williamsburg men’s collections all reflect their respective namesakes. Every watch in the Brooklyn Bridge collection features an image of the bridge itself in the middle of the watch face. Alternatively, Weeksville (which has its partner in the Flatbush collection for women) and Williamsburg both echo the neighborhoods and townships for which they are named.

Rebel Watches also offers a wide variety of watch styles for women. The Rockaway Parkway and Carroll Gardens collections both feature standard, circular casings, though the latter is more minimalistic, while the former is speckled with sparkling, raw-cut crystals. The Coney Island collection makes use of a similar casing, although the numbers are visually psychedelic, alternating between Roman Numerals and traditional numbers.

Gravesend and Dumbo are two Rebel Watch collections that appeal to people who really want their timepieces to stand out. With vibrant, neon colors, the Gravesend and Dumbo both offer more eccentric, modern visual styles. Additionally, the Gravesend is unique for its “missing puzzle piece” aesthetic.

Finally, the Seagate collection takes an entirely different approach to the term “wristwatch.” Rather than having a simple band with a watch at the crest, Seagate watches are comprised of leather bracelets with steel chains that hold a small, dangling timepiece. The bracelets come in a variety of colors, while the chains are decorated with key and heart-shaped adornments.

Finally, the Sport-Elegant collection was specifically created for men who live active and adventurous lifestyles. Minimalist by design, the Sport-Elegant watch more than makes up for its simple exterior with its enhanced functionality. The Sport-Elegant watch includes a tachymeter, calendar, and 50-meter water resistance.