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The history of the Jivago brand is quite different from most other watch manufacturers. The company actually began as a luxury perfume business in 1994. Established by Ilana Jivago in Beverly Hills, Jivago Fragrances quickly grew to become one of the top perfume companies on the West Coast. With this success, Jivago was able to expand into more diverse markets.

Part of what really made Jivago stand out as a luxury fragrance was the real gold infused into every bottle. This made it a popular choice among the rich and famous in Beverly Hills, as it combined beautiful scents with the opulence of actual, 24K gold. With an ever-growing client base, the brand began designing various other accessories and body care products. Most recently, Jivago added luxury wristwatches to its repertoire.

Consequently, Jivago offers quality watches for both men and women. Many of the watch designs for women are based on the juxtaposition between classic, old-school femininity and more modern female couture. Alternatively, most of Jivago´s watches for men offer sportier, masculine stylizations. No matter which high-quality Jivago watch you choose, it is accompanied by the brand’s signature, glamorous packaging. Today, you can find Jivago watches for sale online and in retail outlets throughout the United States.

Jivago Watch Collections

Though Jivago is a pretty recent addition to the world of luxury watches, it offers some of the best modern timepieces of any American brand. This is thanks, in part, to its wide selection of designs for both men and women. For example, the Bijoux and Ceramic watch lines offer women elegant, colorful timepieces. with bejeweled casings and simple, numberless watch faces.

Alternatively, the Clarity, Ultimate, and Fun product lines feature wider bands, Swiss-Quartz movements, and simpler color schemes. Though they are primarily marketed to men, these watches offer unisex designs that combine both masculine and feminine features. For greater functionality and a larger selection of colors, men can also choose from the Gliese and Timeless chronographs.

Jivago offers some of the most unique and eye-catching compositions for women with the Good Luck, Lev, Levley, and Via collections. The Good Luck watch collection is distinguishable for its ultra-wide, patterned wristband and small, oval watch face. It is by far one of the most novel watch designs from all of Jivago’s offerings.

Alternatively, the Lev and Levley collections offer greater practicality with their stainless steel chronograph movements and intertwining band designs. Finally, the Via collection recalls the slim women’s wristwatches of decades past, with an ultra-thin, intertwining band and small, minimalist face.