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Glycine is a Swiss watchmaker with a long history of producing high-quality timepieces. The company was founded in 1914 by Eugène Meylan, and Today, Glycine is best known for its combat watches, which are worn by military personnel and civilians alike. The brand's collections include everything from dressy automatic watches to rugged dive watches, all of them characterized by Glycine's signature attention to detail.

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Glycine Watches

For more than a century, Glycine has been producing fine Swiss watches. Founded in 1914 by Eugène Meylan, the company began production runs in its Bienne, Switzerland factory, under the supervision of the uncompromising eye of Melyan.A meticulous watch engineer, Meylan demanded perfection and was unsatisfied with anything less. Innovative and savvy, he had a strong grasp of not just the opportunities offered by the technology of the day but also what the watch market demanded. The results led to the first legendary Glycine watch, and this proud tradition continues today.

As a brand, Glycine is known for creating striking timepieces of distinction, blazing its own trail in the spirit of Meylan’s original designs. Firmly outside the box yet still featuring the iconic and classic designs that have made Glycine a success story, the Glycine watch of today is timeless. Whether it’s a Glycine Moonphase, a Glycine automatic watch, a Glycine GMT timepiece, or any other style, when you buy Glycine watches you join a strong tradition of those who value quality and design.

Meylan’s legacy lives on even into the 21st century. To this day, Glycine watches are still made by a family company, managed by passionate, charismatic entrepreneurs that are fully invested in the company’s history, reputation, and mission to provide some of the very best in Swiss watches at the crossroads of style and affordability.

Glycine Watch Collections

As one of the most iconic collections in the Glycine lineup, the Airman is a gorgeous vintage aviation-style timepiece. Famous for its leather-stitched bands and its ability to measure multiple time zones, the Airman is perfect for any world traveler.

With its 48-click bidirectional lockable GMT bezel, the Airman 18 world timer aviation-style watch offers a fine balance of legibility and functionality while also looking fantastic on the wrist for any formal occasion.

Featuring classic Glycine accuracy in a modern case and strap, the Airman 42 is a contemporary aviation-style timepiece. A stainless steel case and bracelet provides durability and style for days, whether you’re on the tarmac or in the club.

The Combat line of Glycine watches is well-known for strength and durability. High-grade steel, rugged construction, and a classic 1960s-inspired design make this line of timepieces stand out from the rest.

Available in both Classic and Vintage styles, the Combat 6 timepiece offers style and simplicity while still providing features such as a date function and a 24-hour indicator.

The Combat Sub line of Glycine watches combine the traditional Combat functionality and styling with easy-to-read faces and unparalleled water resistance.

A perfect example of the line, the Combat Sub 42 is the embodiment of Glycine’s design style: sturdy, reliable, and eye-catching simplicity.

The Combat Sub Vintage offers the same nearly-indestructible nature of other Glycine watches while boasting a classic aesthetic that hearkens back to the brand’s roots.