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Roberto Bianci Watches

Roberto Bianci may not be as well-known as some other luxury Italian watch brands, but it still reflects the quality craftsmanship and hard work of two generations of the Bianci family. Established more than 70 years ago by Roberto Bianci, the brand has always focused on creating stylish, elegant timepieces.

Roberto Bianci took an interest in Italian design as a young man, while also learning about the jewelry business from his father. When he turned 20, he earned certification as a gemologist from the prestigious Gemology Institute. This gave him the opportunity to start his family-owned business, creating luxury timepieces and jewelry.

When the Roberto Bianci brand was first established, it was still customary to make each and every watch by hand. While technology has allowed the watches themselves to change, the care and attention to detail during the production process have remained the same. Every Roberto Bianci watch is made using only the best materials and authentic Italian designs. Moreover, the internal mechanisms rely on the best Japanese and Swiss movements to ensure quality and accuracy.

Today, Roberto Bianci watches (for men and for ladies) are tested by a team of technicians to ensure their quality before ever reaching the public. This guarantees that, no matter where you find your Roberto Bianci watch for sale, you can trust that it will hold up to the standards of the brand.

Roberto Bianci Watch Collections

One of the key benefits of Roberto Bianci is the sheer diversity of styles and designs. The brand produces dozens of different collections for men and women, each with its own unique appeal. If you are looking for women’s watches, the Alessandra collection offers beautiful gem-encrusted cases with bright blue or white dials. Alternatively, the Billare collection offers a more simplistic, slim design with numberless dials and steel bracelets.

For women’s watches that make more of a statement, Roberto Bianci has the Gemma, Medellin, and Pietra collections. Gemma watch dials are adorned with bright, neon-colored gems and matching leather straps. The Medellin collection offers much busier designs, with chronograph mechanisms and oval watch faces. Finally, the Pietra collection is known for its slim, elegant, rose-gold watches, with watch faces that share the same diameter and material as the strap.

It is important to note that Roberto Bianci has plenty of watch designs for men, too. The Benzo collection is made up of multi-face dials and a functional, water-resistant casing. Lombardo watches offer a radical shift in both style and color, with bright backgrounds and thick, stylized rubber straps that resemble car tires. Lastly, the Valentino product line contains Roberto Bianci’s collection of men’s chronographs, which have large, stainless steel cases and bracelets.