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Solar Aqua Watches

Like many of the greatest watch brands in the world, Solar Aqua dates back more than a century. Despite its relative obscurity in the international market, Solar Aqua holds a special significance in Canada’s history. In 1869, Timothy Eaton founded T. Eaton Company Limited, often shortened to just Eaton’s — a chain of department stores that remained one of the most popular Canadian shopping businesses throughout much of the 20th century.

After creating Eaton’s, Timothy Eaton spent time traveling back and forth between Europe and North America, collecting products and ideas along the way. This led him into watchmaking, eventually designing and selling watches under the “Solar Aqua” moniker. As it turned out, this was the beginning of one of Canada’s most revered and exclusive watch brands.

In the mid-20th century, Solar Aqua watches became especially popular among pilots and mariners. They were frequently used by members of both the Royal Canadian Air Force and the Royal Canadian Navy during the Second World War. As time went on, Solar Aqua continued producing watches with only the finest materials and watch movements, while also updating its catalogue to fit more modern sensibilities. Today, Solar Aqua is still regarded as one of the best watch brands to come out of Canada. As a result, consumers can find their favorite Sola Aqua watch for sale online and in department stores the world over.

Solar Aqua Watch Collections

Many of the Solar Aqua watch collections of years past are still traded as individual pieces of history. While it may be difficult to get your hands on one of these timeless pieces, Solar Aqua has made modern versions of their older designs for today’s consumers. This way, you can enjoy classic and elegant designs — without shelling out a fortune for historical timepieces!

The Deep Bay collection was made specifically with locales like Baffin Island — and nearby Baffin Bay — in mind. Located in the Arctic Circle, Baffin Island is known for its frigidly cold climate. Moreover, Baffin Bay is astonishingly deep, reaching as low as 2,136 meters below sea level. Deep Bay watches are made to withstand both environments. Whether you want to traverse the harsh terrain of Baffin Island or take a diving expedition in Baffin Bay, one of the Deep Bay watches can make the trip with you.

Named after the mythological creature that protects the Great Lakes, the Mishipeshu collection is comprised of practical watches that can endure just about any environment. With water-resistance up to 500 meters and strong stainless-steel cases, Mishipeshu watches are made with the adventurer in mind.

Lastly, the Primatist collection celebrates Solar Aqua designs of decades past. These simple yet luxurious designs create the perfect balance between utility and style. With various dial colors to choose from and a comfortable, lightweight fit with every watch, you are bound to find something you like in the Primatist collection.