Breguet Watches

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Breguet Watches

It’s hard to think of luxurious timepieces without considering the Breguet watch company. Founded by famed Prussian watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1775, Breguet quickly became one of the leading watch manufacturers in Paris. Unlike many other watchmakers at the time, Breguet dabbled in men’s watches and women’s watches right from the start. In addition to its world-renowned watchmaking, the Breguet company is also well-known for its high-end clocks and jewelry.

Since its earliest days, Breguet has been associated with style and innovation. Revered as one of the greatest watchmakers of his day, Abraham-Louis Breguet pioneered the tourbillon, an evolution of the chronograph that helped increase accuracy. Thanks to their expert craftsmanship and elegant designs, Breguet watches have been worn by some of the most prominent figures of the 19th and 20th centuries, including Queen Victoria, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Winston Churchill.

As one of the longest-lasting watch manufacturers in the world, Breguet offers highly regarded products developed with expert artistry and superior materials. This also means that, historically, Breguet watches have cost significantly more than most other competitors (this largely holds true to this day). In fact, the company still holds the record for some of the most expensive timepieces sold at auction. Though you can find Breguet watches for sale all over the world, many timepiece experts regard Breguet as an important part of history and a curator of genuine works of art.

Breguet Watch Collections

Though all of Breguet’s collections would be considered “high-end” timepieces, the brand still offers varied designs to meet consumer needs. The Classique line of watches is exactly what the name implies. Classique watches take from the traditional designs of Breguet’s original pocket watches, with the added convenience of a leather or stainless-steel band. Some items in the Classique line provide minimalistic timekeeping, while others include multifunction capabilities.

While Classique embodies the traditions of classic watch design, the Marine collection offers more bold and experimental timepieces. As the name implies, most of the Marine pieces have nautically themed designs, with an emphasis on striking color contrasts. So, if you want a watch that draws the eye with gorgeous color schemes, Marine is the collection for you.

The Tradition collection is a celebration of the art and mechanisms of timekeeping. Every piece in the collection features a design that shows the inner workings of the watch itself. A throwback to the watches of Breguet’s early days, the Tradition collection pays homage to the past while also looking to the future with its sleek, fashionable designs.

In direct contrast to the Tradition collection, The Breguet Type XX and Type 20 lines are made for optimum functionality. With three crowns to set the dials, the consumer is given complete control over their timepiece. Additionally, every watch has a 48-hour power reserve and luminous hands for ease once the sun goes down.