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Bruno Magli is an Italian luxury goods brand that has traditionally specialized in leather products for men and women. Founded in 1936 by siblings — Marino, Mario, and Bruno — the business had humble beginnings at the Magli family home in Bologna, Italy. Working tirelessly in the family’s basement, the three siblings began crafting women’s shoes from leather — a skill they had learned from their grandfather.

After World War II, the business had grown enough that the siblings were able to open their first factory. This expansion allowed them to expand their product line to include men’s shoes. With the acquisition of the Magli manufacturing facility, the Magli brand started to become a household name in northern Italy.

However, the Maglis (particularly Bruno) were not satisfied with just being a shoe manufacturer. As a result, the family opened their first retail shop in 1951. Located in their native city of Bologna, the store served as a way to get their products directly into consumers’ hands.

By the 1960s, Bruno Magli became synonymous with high fashion. Over the years, the brand had expanded into foreign markets, even shipping items across the Atlantic. Nonetheless, the family business stayed dedicated to its domestic customers, opening new shops in Genova, Milan, Rome, Venice, and Turin.

In the last quarter of the 20th Century, the brand was passed down to Morris and Rita Magli, who helped expand the product lines to include handbags and other accessories. After controlling interest in the company moved outside the family, the brand expanded even further, offering consumers a full range of luxury products — including moon phase and automatic watches. Today, Bruno Magli women’s watches and men’s watches can be found for sale in retail shops across the globe.

Bruo Magli Watch Collections

Despite a relatively short history as a watchmaker, Bruno Magli offers numerous unique timepiece collections. The Enzo and Vittorio collections both feature strong, stainless steel watches for men. Enzo stands out for its vertical black band and chronograph watch face, while Vittorio offers a simpler design and gorgeous blue dial.

For women’s watches, the Valentina and Sofia collections are among the most popular. Both lines feature rectangular watch faces and comfortable leather bands. The Valentina is most notable for its large watch face, while the Sofia has smaller watch faces that match the diameter of the band.

In direct contrast to the Valentina ad Sofia collections, RomaAlessia, and Miranda watches give women more traditional, minimalist designs. With the Roman and Miranda collections, the round watch faces are punctuated by gold-colored cases and either white or pearl dials. Alternatively, Alessia watches feature oversized Roman Numerals set against a stainless-steel case and a wide variety of leather band colors. For a more traditional gold watch, women can also turn to the Isabella collection.

Finally, the Marco and Alex collections give varied takes on the standard men’s wristwatch. Marco chronographs are both versatile and elegant, with an information-rich black dial. For a more simplistic appearance, Alex watches combine the benefits of calendar functionality with a more traditional watch face.