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Selecting The Best Men’s Watch

A watch can be so much more than a mere accessory. In fact, a watch functions as an extension of your personality and lifestyle. Whether you spend your time rock climbing or attending professional business meetings, there is a men’s watch out there for you. The key is simply finding the best one to match your needs and personal sense of style.

When it comes to the best watches for men, there is no one-size-fits-all option. Perhaps you want a practical men’s watch for work or you want an unforgettable men’s watch for your wedding. Either way, you need to know that you can find a watch that sets the right tone for you and your life. Fortunately, Ashford offers hundreds of men’s watches for all occasions.

Men’s Watch Brands

There are thousands of watch companies out there that produce adequate timepieces, but if you’re looking for luxury, there are only a select few men’s watch brands that can provide the kind of elevated style you want. While watches from luxury brands are often more expensive than their more ordinary counterparts, they more than makeup for the additional cost with their quality craftsmanship.

So, if you’re going to invest in a watch, why not aim for the best? After all, you can buy a simple watch from any retailer that will not last for very long, but if you really want a quality timepiece that will last a lifetime, you should look at one of the best men’s watch brands on the market. Here are a few popular names to include in your search:

Men’s Watch Styles

It’s not always easy to find the best style for you. Just remember that you don’t have to buy something extravagant to have a stylish watch. That said, you will need to consider a few different factors when finding your perfect watch.

Many watch styles are meant to be more practical, with materials and designs that have been optimized for different climates and rough conditions. For example, if you are frequently around water, you might want a watch that is both stylish and water-resistant. Alternatively, if you like to travel across different locations, you might like a GMT watch that can help you better track the time across time zones.

Needless to say, style is not all about functionality. You will also need to consider your watch size. Do you want a small, slim, delicate timepiece or a large, bold watch face? In addition to watch sizes, you will also need to consider the color and material of cases and watchbands, as these can affect the look and feel of your purchase.

Men’s Watch Sizes

Though it is not always the case, men’s watch sizes tend to be larger than watches for women. On average, you can expect the case size to range between 38 and 42 mm in diameter. Anything larger is categorized as an “oversized” watch, while anything smaller is often reserved for women’s watches. Men’s watches tend to be thicker as well, though the exact thickness will depend on the style, manufacturer, and types of mechanisms used to keep time.

Band width can also play a role in the watch you choose. Thicker bands tend to make a stronger impression, though it all comes down to your personal preference. Some shoppers prefer the feeling of a slimmer band, as it can be more comfortable, particularly in warmer temperatures.