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The fashion house of Fendi was formed in 1925 in Rome, Italy by Adele and Edoardo Fendi, initially specializing in fur and leather handbags. The brand has since expanded into ready-to-wear fashion, accessories for men and women, fragrances, shoes, timepieces and eyewear. Fendi has always been about family, with the original founders’ five daughters joining the family business and helping to expand it and develop it into the major luxury brand it is known for today. The addition of Karl Lagerfeld in 1965 pushed the creativity of the brand to its limits.


Fendi today is known for its elegance and craftsmanship, creating playful luxury pieces that span across time yet continue to push the boundaries with daring designs and bold patterns and colors. For those who like to stand out and are willing to experiment with innovative and futuristic designs, a pair of vibrant Fendi shades is just what your wardrobe needs. 


Fendi sunglasses for women will draw attention and captivate with sophistication and unique embellishments meant to impart the raw femininity and boldness of the wearer. You will find the brazen patterns and bold colors of the Fendi sunglasses for men will have your man standing out in a crowd and calling attention for all the right reasons. 


Look perpetually in surprise with the upswept edges of the popular Cat Eye frames. No one does it better than Fendi, with a variety of colors and embellishments to choose from.

Fendi Defender sunglasses are very popular and feature a straight brow with the innovative flat top design.

Like a delicate Butterfly these frames fly off your face, thinner at the nose and ever widening out with delicate brows. Nothing says fashion forward as well as butterfly frames.

Fendi Round sunglasses are a little retro and will look good on oval, square, heart, and oblong faces.

Square frames look good on most people and make a killer statement.

Fendi created the Eyeline frames as a unique spin on the pilot Aviator sunglasses. Double bridge with straight temples, these stand out with a slanted line at the corners lending a cunning edge.

Oversized sunglasses are not just for celebrities and will look good on just about anybody. Creating visual symmetry, Fendi oversized shades will rock any occasion.

Fendi Fabulous adds an air of mystery with the FF logo printed on the lenses, keeping the eyes just a little bit hidden while you gaze out at the world from behind your shades.

As its name suggests, Fendi Shield sunglasses are made up of one continuous glass that spans both eyes instead of the usual two separate lenses connected by a bridge. Make this your signature style.